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Customer Feedback


"Thanks guys for the great work completed last week at my house in Humewood. Your staff are sooo patient and understanding. This wood borer fumigation was my first so i was a bit on the nervous side. "

Hannah G

"thanks for the fish moth spray job!!!"

Denise V

"Hi this is Guss. I wanted to report back following the rat control job your team did 2 weeks ago. Within a few days all the noises in the roof stopped and not a sign of rats have been seen or heard since. Good job, well done."

Guss F

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Rat Control in Kwanoxolo

Rat Control in Kwanoxolo

If your residing in or around Kwanoxolo, chances are you have a rat problem. This is very common in roofs in Kwanoxolo homes and here at Kwanoxolo Pest Control we have the best coarse of action to deal with all your rodent or rat control situation in or around all of Kwanoxolo.

Our Kwanoxolo rodent and rat control staff are trained to suss out the the safest most simple solution for all you rat control needs in your Kwanoxolo home.
All the rodenticides we use in Kwanoxolo are places in safe locations out of the way of children and pets. In most situations we prefer to use multiple feed baits to prevent any secondary poisoning of pets or natural predators.

A bit about rats commonly found here in Kwanoxolo.

Kwanoxolo Pest Control mostly deals with Brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) also known as the common rat, street rat or sewer rat and the Black rat (Rattus rattus) also commonly know as the ship rat. Both these rats are considered omnivorous and feed naturally on seeds, fruits and invertebrates. Adult rats range between 25cm -46cm long depending on the type of rat including a tail ranging from 17cm - 25cm long.
Female litters can range up to 14 with gestation lasting 14 days

Go ahead and call Kwanoxolo Pest Control now for your Kwanoxolo rat control specialists to visit your your home or office. Our staff are available 24 hours a day to take your calls.

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